Odia Book on Political Science and Governance

“Chanakya” by Bhagabatee Charan Berma is an enthralling Odia novel that transports readers into the ancient world of intrigue, power struggles, and political maneuvering. Set against the backdrop of ancient India, “Chanakya” delves into the life of the legendary scholar, economist, and statesman, Chanakya. The novel takes us on a riveting journey through time, immersing us in the luxurious palaces, bustling bazaars, and treacherous corridors of power.

Through vivid storytelling and impeccable research, Bhagabatee Charan Berma brings to life the complex character of Chanakya, who played a pivotal role in the rise of the Mauryan Empire. ️ Readers will witness his brilliance, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination as he battles against all odds to establish an empire and shape the destiny of a nation. Berma’s writing style is captivating, with emotionally charged narration and well-developed characters that make every page pulse with excitement. The plot is meticulously crafted, weaving together historical facts, drama, and unexpected twists, keeping readers hooked until the very end. ️

“Chanakya” is not just a historical tale, but also a treasure trove of wisdom and lessons from the past. The novel explores themes of politics, ethics, governance, and the eternal struggle for power. It beautifully portrays the complexities of human nature, the depths of ambition, and the sacrifices one must make to fulfill their vision. Overall, “Chanakya” is a must-read for history enthusiasts, lovers of historical fiction, and anyone seeking a gripping tale of ancient India’s political landscape. Berma’s brilliant storytelling, combined with the larger-than-life character of Chanakya, makes this novel an absolute gem in Odia literature. So grab a copy, dive into the world of “Chanakya,” and prepare to be transported to an era of grandeur, wisdom, and intrigue!


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