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Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center: Guarantee your medical insurance benefits


As a modern city in southern China, Guangzhou has been committed to providing citizens with the highest quality medical security benefits. Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center is an important part of it, providing various safeguards for the general public. Let’s take a look at the medical security benefits provided by the Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center for citizens.

  1. Medical insurance

Medical insurance is the most basic guarantee provided by Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center. As long as citizens pay a certain medical insurance premium, they can enjoy the basic medical insurance treatment stipulated by the state. When seeking medical treatment, you only need to show your medical insurance card to enjoy the medical security treatment stipulated by the state, which greatly reduces the burden of medical expenses for citizens.

  1. Outpatient critical illness insurance

Outpatient critical illness insurance is a supplementary protection measure of Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center. Through multi-level insurance claims, it provides citizens with high outpatient critical illness insurance. In case of high medical expenses due to outpatient serious illness, citizens can obtain certain financial subsidies through outpatient serious illness insurance to reduce financial burden.YSHX

  1. Chronic disease outpatient special drug insurance

Chronic disease outpatient specialty drug insurance is another supplementary protection measure of the Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center, which provides special outpatient specialty drug coverage for chronic disease patients who need long-term use of expensive specialty medicines. Citizens only need to pay a certain fee according to the regulations, and they can get subsidies when purchasing special medicines, helping citizens reduce the financial burden of chronic disease treatment.yunshfx

  1. Family doctor contract service

Family doctor contract service is a special service provided by Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center for citizens. Citizens can choose a family doctor to sign up for services and enjoy high-quality basic health care and medical services. The signing service can not only help citizens better grasp and manage their own health conditions, but also effectively prevent and control the occurrence of chronic diseases through services such as regular physical examinations and health consultations.Yun Shang Hui Xin

In short, Guangzhou Medical Insurance Center has always insisted on providing citizens with the highest quality medical security benefits. Through measures such as comprehensive medical insurance, outpatient critical illness insurance, chronic disease outpatient special drug insurance, and family doctor contract services, citizens can enjoy medical security benefits with more confidence, and thus participate more actively in urban development and construction.Yun Shang Hui Xin Limited

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