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Golak Bihari Singh’s Book Odia Natakara Itihas


Odia Natakara Itihas by Golak Bihari Singh is a captivating essay book that meticulously explores the history and evolution of Odia drama. Through his insightful analysis and scholarly approach, Singh provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the rich theatrical tradition of Odisha.

Drawing upon his deep knowledge and expertise in the realm of theatre, Singh delves into the origins of Odia drama, tracing its development through various phases and highlighting the contributions of eminent playwrights and actors. Each essay in the book serves as a window into a distinct era of Odia theatre, offering readers a glimpse into the social, cultural, and political ethos of the time.

Singh’s engaging narrative style and meticulous research make “Odia Natakara Itihas” a compelling read for both theatre enthusiasts and scholars alike. By examining the themes, techniques, and impact of Odia plays over the years, he unravels the intricate nuances of this art form and showcases its evolution in response to changing societal norms and artistic trends.

From traditional folk performances to modern experimental theatrics, Singh’s essays cover a broad spectrum of Odia drama, highlighting its diversity and vibrancy. By exploring the challenges faced by playwrights and the influences that shaped Odia theatre, he offers readers a deeper appreciation of this dynamic and expressive form of art.

Odia Natakara Itihas is not just a book; it is a tribute to the resilience and creativity of Odia playwrights and performers who have enriched the cultural landscape of Odisha. With its engaging content and scholarly analysis, this book stands as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to explore the fascinating world of Odia drama and its profound impact on society.

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