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Basantar Sketch by Prasanna Kumar Misr


Basantar Sketch by Prasanna Kumar Misra is a mesmerizing journey through the changing seasons of life, depicted through intricate sketches of human emotions, relationships, and the subtle nuances of existence. Set against the backdrop of rural Odisha, the novel captures the essence of nature’s blossoming beauty during the spring (basant) season, symbolizing new beginnings, hope, and transformation.

The story revolves around the protagonist’s introspective journey as he rediscovers himself through his art. Through vivid descriptions and poetic narrative, Misra weaves a tale of self-discovery, creativity, and the profound impact of art on the human soul.

As the protagonist delves into his sketches, each stroke on paper mirrors his innermost thoughts, desires, and struggles. The “Basantar Sketch” becomes a metaphor for the artist’s search for meaning, identity, and purpose in a world full of uncertainties and challenges.

Misra’s evocative prose and deep insights into human emotions resonate with readers, inviting them to reflect on their own lives, relationships, and aspirations. The novel explores themes of creativity, self-expression, and the enduring power of art to transcend barriers and connect individuals across time and space.

Basantar Sketch is a poignant ode to the beauty of art, the resilience of the human spirit, and the timeless cycle of growth and renewal that defines our personal journeys. Join the protagonist on his artistic quest in “Basantar Sketch” and experience the magic of spring unfold on the pages of this captivating Odia novel.

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